The Effects of Lady Gaga Fashion Trends

Lady Gaga’s’ fashion
Lady gaga has hit it high with the current trends professed as her unique fashion designs. People place varied comments on websites regarding her diversity in the fashion industry.

The fascination over Lady Gaga’s fashion has equally divided people in support of or against the new looks. Some would indicate that she has pushed the industry too far causing the disastrous scenario, but it is a fact that she has caused people to talk and think about fashion in a much wider dimension or new styles.

Today, common sentiments indicate that her fashion trends are comparable to the contemporary Madonna due to similarity in revolutionary spirit and originality. The ability to cause a glimpse of a few of the distinctive looks is a subject regardless of whether one loves or hates her.

lady gaga-Lobster-headdress

To begin the analysis of Lady Gaga’s fashion this article considers the Lobster Headdress. Evidently, after the London ‘Monster Ball’ tour, she wore transparent plastic dress that covered her nipples to avoid indecency, with a giant gleaming ‘Lobster Head gear’. This is a main topic in discussion of Gaga’s fashion because of the outrageous borderline it whimsical seem to point out, but it maybe the identity signature. We keep asking why the choice, but the same question keeps people fascinated with her fashion.

Second unique item among Lady Gaga’s Fashion is the Kermit Cape that she appeared wearing for a German interview. The hair decoration was entirely made of stuffed Kermit the frog dolls and together with the rhinestone-encrusted eyes, she was at the top of the looks and talks. The bubble dress is equally common distinctive section of Lady Gaga’s fashion. The dress did not get the classic eccentricity name because of some similarity to a skirt but an appearance that depicted it as made from big joint soap bubbles.

One of the conservative wears that Lady Gaga posses is the giant ‘mini-mouse sequel’ hair bow. The personifying crowning jewel that is entirely made from piles of her hair is a unique identity that keeps people discussion of fashion alive and imaginations going.

The dress that is much closer to the normal fashion parameters is the ‘Celestial Solstice Dress’ Gaga wore during the Grammy Awards. The dress has fascinating designs of Shiny halo-like rings torrents down the stitches. The other distinctive part of the dress is the decorated netting on the arm glittering with extra crystal stripes.

Lastly is the Disco Ball Dress that she put on during the Ireland performance. The mosaic pattern free celebrity sex videos with the miniature reflective surfaces and the mardi-glass looking mask depicted a form of artifice to some while others considered it to be appalling. The challenges by Gaga’s styles undoubtedly captivate people while others are not mesmerized. Whatever the case, the fascination of her looks still stands out clearly.